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  • Remote Package Handling System
    Removes suspect packages from airport terminals
    Reduces terminal down time
    Long-range secure, wireless control
    Remotely operated from airport safety vehicle
  • Remote Package Handling System
    Reduces terminal down time
    All weather operation
    Compatible with oversize baggage
  • Remote Tactical Support System
    Multi-mission law-enforcement support vehicle
    Large vehicle IED disruption
    CBRNe mission support
    Emergency Response Team support
  • ARIS Robotic Control Software
    Flexible. Configurable. Modular.
    Tele-operated and autonomous control
    Mature and field-proven control software
    Support for multiple robotic platforms and payloads
  • /*Leaders In Advanced Robotic Technology*/
    Robotic Technology Experts
    Field proven management team
    Extensive real-world experience
    Quickly able to deliver advanced solutions
    Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations